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The Evolution of distillate

Introducing Mipillate™

Mipillate™ is the full spectrum concentrated extract that is produced by the MIP system, containing all of the cannabinoids present in the crude, including the acid forms. 

MIPs = Molecularly Imprinted polymers


waiting for target

MIP beads are designed to capture specific molecular targets or groups of similarly structured molecules. The liquid containing the molecules is passed though the beads, typically held in a column. 

Target captured

waiting for ELUTION

The MIP beads capture the target molecules, allowing other molecules to pass through. This can be at very low concentrations or, in the case of cannabis extracts, it’s typically very high. 

Target released

ready to go again

The captured molecules are released by passing a second liquid through the beads, creating a solution from which the captured molecules can easily be recovered. The MIPs are then ready for reuse. 


MIPs are smart materials that bind to specific molecules, in the same way that a lock will fit a specific key. Ligar has developed MIPs that capture cannabinoids. 


MIP beads are used to create concentrated cannabinoids extracts at any scale without the need for winterisation, decarboxylation or distillation.


Bead columns are used to rapidy capture cannabinoids from crude extracts and are supported by Maratek’s state-of-the-art solvent recovery systems.

science & engineering

Ligar is a specialist in the development and manufacture of MIPs and MIP systems, not just for cannabinoids but for a wide range of applications. The team has spent over six years developing its cannabinoid processing systems, with many thousands of hours of development time, trials, analysis, testing, system design, regulatory compliance processes and generally not seeing much sunlight. The Ligar team is proud to partner with Maratek to bring the MIP system to market. 

Maratek designs and manufactures ethanol recovery systems, solvent recovery systems and winterization systems, and supports, as a distributor, many other steps along the cannabis processing pipeline. Ligar’s unique technology pairs perfectly with Maratek’s goal to provide a more complete system for automation, optimization, and scaling opportunities. 


BUILT to scale

Our smart, simple, bead-based systems are easy to scale from bench top systems to industrial units. They avoid the need for energy intensive winterisation, or super cold ethanol, and remove distillation from the process unless isolates are needed, in which case pre-processing with MIPs makes the process easier. 

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